Thursday, July 2, 2009

Growing and eating!

A quick tour of the current state of the plot.

Potatoes, sweetcorn and carrots.

Shooting spinach! Cabbages, purple podded peas and broad beans.

Red brussel sprouts for Christmas dinner, chard, kale and the faint green haze of the leek bed. The pile of stones, recycled from my parents' old fireplace, is destined to become part of a long planned herb spiral

Brassicas to the left of them, legumes to the right!

Courgettes - a bit worried about them - despite the special attention they are getting.

Freckles! My favourite lettuce. Just the name makes me smile:)

Tender baby broad beans to eat straight out of their furry pod.

James and the Giant ... er... Lettuce? Fabulous Reine de Glace always does well.

Finally - I couldn't resist showing this shot. Our sparrow family love the red hot pokers, which grow under the fruit trees.


  1. I look forward to seeing your herb spiral, I really enjoyed building ours ans it's thriving, must update a picture on the blog soon.

    I love Broad Beans, ours are all finished for this year.

  2. the garden is looking great, i love the freckles salad i should have some of that being covered in them my self !!

  3. Fantastic looking plot. Isn't it great when you can start reaping the rewards of your labour.

  4. Wow - as a novice gardner who owns a garden yard and some pots am really impressed! Looks bountiful!!!! and so very tasty.....


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