Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blackcurrant harvesting

Fairly heavy showers this week, but I dashed out between them today to start picking the blackcurrants. I have 4 bushes which have all cropped well this year. I felt a little under pressure to get out there, as every time I stepped out the back door, a sizeable flock of small birds flew off from the direction of the fruit patch, and I wanted a share in the bounty. I needn't have worried, though, as there were plenty still - and quite a lot not ready yet - another 2 weeks maybe.
Lots to harvest today - big clusters of shining black fruits dangling like jewelled earrings were just asking to be plucked . I find the easiest method is to don an old apron, which has a very large pocket in the front - place a litre jar into the pocket and I have two hands free for picking. I only managed to fill one jar today before some really heavy and persistent rain, so I will try again tomorrow.
I haven't decided what to do with them yet. I always make jam, of course, and I was going to try some jelly, but using maybe juicing the currants raw, rather than cooking them first. Also - Claire has a lovely recipe on her blog for a sorbet that I must do. Other than that, the family will find various crumbles, clafoutis, pies, and such delicacies gracing the desert menu for a few weeks.


  1. The sorbet is the only reason I grow blackcurrants!

  2. ohhhhh...we never thought of sorbet - it sounds lovely! (of course jam is ALWAYS a great thing - yum!!)


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