Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Black Tomato

We've waited ages for one to become ripe, and even then we kept it in the sunny conservatory for a day or two to see if it would turn any blacker - and so it did. Our first Black from Tula tomato was duly taste tested today by the supreme master of tomato tasters - James.
Tomatoes are his thing. Tomatoes or chocolate? Tomatoes every time - really! But this tomato looked like it was made of chocolate, so what would the verdict be?

Chocolate - no - I mean tomato heaven. This is a boy who knows what he likes- a gourmet in the making. The small crescent I did manage to sample had me concurring with James's assessment of a delicious balance between sweetness and acidity

As you can see!


  1. Love your black tomato. Makes me want to grow them next year just for the colour and knowing they taste good too is a real bonus. I am also impressed by your tomato taster!

  2. Definitely one to go for again - the trouble is that there is a whole unexplored black tomato world out there....


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