Sunday, June 7, 2009

Carry on gardening

Those naughty hens had been sneaking into the veg patch and making a nuisance of themselves, so they are now banished behind some rather attractive (not) security mesh which John has fastened to the existing fence. One disadvantage is that I can no longer take my usual photograph to compare the garden's progress with previous posts. Oh well - her are some different views for a change.
The bean and pea bed in the foreground and the sweetcorn and carrot beds in front. Garlic, shallots and salads can be seen at the 11 0/clock position, and right in the very front, just seen (as they say in magazines) is one of the two brassica beds - well I like a lot of kale and purple sprouting broccoli :)

Here you can see the brassica beds - one with some netting draped over it - I have made it more secure and plugged the gaps now, and the very bottom bed will have leeks planted out - you can see the plug tray sitting waiting. Three types of leeks, which will hopefully keep us going from late summer until next May. I have not been very good at keeping the seeds I have planted list up to date, but I am sure the leeks are on that.
The yellow pots contain blueberry bushes, and we generally have a good long crop from them, but only really enough to pick and eat straight off the plant. Will look at increasing these over the next year or so.
So - very very busy - hope you are all enjoying the rush.


  1. Garden is looking must be working very hard...I hear the weather has been nice for it live on Celtic Connections. Spk Soon. Veronica x

  2. What a well organised and well kept plot. I have only a few raised beds but I struggle to keep even those tidy!
    I may have to come back here for some advice on growing Brassicas because I have had limited success with anything other than Kale so far and am now into my third year of veggie growing!

  3. I am loving your banner notes! : )
    My mom told me the other day she sent her hens to "their room" they were tearing apart her garden beds, I thought that was too funny!
    Your gardens are looking lovely, we are growing our veggies in raised beds this year too!


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