Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Other peoples' gardens

In the last few days I have been inspired by two gardens. One I visited in the flesh, so to speak, and the other is a virtual visit.The first one belonged to George, a retired estate gardener, and his wife, Elizabeth. George is a beekeeper, and had agreed to host a few sessions for our beginners class at his apiary. They still live in their estate cottage, outside Edinburgh, and their apiary is in a fenced off corner of their large amazing garden. It was my dream garden - full of little separate areas - like raised beds, but on a grander and more attractive scale. It is hard to describe, so I will let the photographs do the talking - even if my photographs only whisper about the scene.

They also had 2 poly tunnels, a green house, and one or two little plastic structures. The crops in the poly tunnels were incredibly advanced - what a boon they are in this climate.

Everything was great - parsnips in oil drums for showing, vintage compost, the bean supports were a work of art - it was just all great. I think I liked it - can you tell?The second garden was introduced to me by Laura, and the details can be found here.

I like being dangerous:)

The Dervases in California are self sufficient in fruit and vegetables - but I suppose it helps that the first frost is in mid January and the last frost is mid March. Notwithstanding, they are seriously impressive growers, as well as all the other things they do.
Elizabeth from Edinburgh, said she never has to buy vegetables. Now, when the first frost can come in mid - late August, and the last one can still catch you out in early June, that is also seriously impressive. The poly tunnels definitely help though.

High targets to aim for, but I am inspired.


  1. what fantastic gardens , i am also inspired now , working out what else i can cram into my court yard !!

  2. Great gardens. I have seen the homestead one before - fantastic what they produce from their urban space.


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