Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Garden Tool Miles

A while ago, a lovely lady on a forum I frequent asked about our must-have garden items. I must admit I was a bit stumped to come up with an answer, as, apart from the obvious hoe, spade, rake, trowel etc and I was unable to think think of anything else I couldn't live without. Sure there are plenty of other gadgets around, but I can always muddle through with the basics. This year, however, I was seduced by this little beauty - really as I wanted to keep on top of the weeks in my onion and garlic patch. It is a Kirpi weeder, purchased from the Organic Gardening Catalogue, but designed and manufactured in India. When it arrived all wrapped up in the International page of the Sunday Times of India, July 4th 2004 edition, and the blade carefully bandaged in a long strip of stripey cloth, I was amazed to see that it was imported by someone from Biggar - just 20 miles distance from me. It had travelled 3500 miles from India, up to Biggar, 400 miles down to Surrey and 400 miles back up to me. It is supplied by the Jatan Trust in Gujarat, which is inspired by the Gandhian principles of simplicity, respect and manual labour, who and all purchases help to support the trust. I did feel that my organic and fair trade attempts were somewhat negated by it's jaunt down south and back, but nevertheless I would not now be without this wonder tool. It is an excellent weeder, planter, pruner,cultivator, string cutter, seed drill marker and all round indispensable must have friend.
Lots going on in the garden just now as we approach the crescendo, but it means less time blogging about it, so I will catch up soon.


  1. Looks like a great little weeding tool, but crazy how far it travelled really - at least it was fairtrade.

  2. This does look really useful; but I have to say that my favourite garden tool has to be my hands, arthritic or not. They are so versatile. Maybe this is a bit tongue in cheek, but today they weeded, planted, sowed seed and tied up the bean poles with string - and plucked the purple-sprouting to accompany supper after that (along with opening a bottle of wine!).


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