Monday, April 6, 2009

A Week's Work (Part 2 - Bees)

So - last Monday night, I attended the introduction to the Edinburgh and Midlothian Beekeepers Association (EMBA) Beginners Beekeeping course. I LOVED IT. I must have a hive! Bees are just so amazing, and if they die out it is very likely that we will soon afterwards, so the more help they get the better for all of us. So many people ahd applied for this year's course they had to turn folk away! Last year only 10 took the classes, so the buzzword must have got around (sorry). I was not sure if my garden would be suitable for a hive, as we are quite enclosed by housing and telephone wires, but it seems I could have an appropriate site if we moved the arbour seat - hmmmmmmm (rubs chin thoughtfully). So I will hold back until I have been on the practical bee handling bits of the course - taking place at a hive near me next month!!!!! We have to order bee suits before this (EMBA member's discout) and I feel sure that my profile photograph may change to reflect that purchase:D Our next class is in a couple of weeks time and is apparently various presentations by EMBA members followed by a very civilised cheese and wine event. So good to be back in school:)


  1. Fantastic, I'd love to keep bees one day. There are beehives on a plot a little below ours on the allotment. In fact, there are quit a few beekeepers on the allotments in our area - lots of honey for the allotment show - yum!

  2. Yes, well I might not be so enthusiastic after my first hands on session :) Watch this space! xx

  3. That's really great news, keep us posted. Q.


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