Monday, April 6, 2009

A Week's Work (Part 1 - The Plot)

As John was on holiday from work last week, we managed to get quite a lot done in and around the garden. To save anyone from having to plough through a long wordy post (think school compositions on "What I did during my holidays") I have decided to split it into 3 (relatively) short posts. So, this is Part 1 - What we did in the garden.
Well - not a lot different from last week. Mucho diggio really. The main veg plot has encroached further into the weed field. Onion bed finished, mulched and planted up. More seeds sown in greenhouse - lots more to do. We had a small bonfire with piles of thorny branches and twiggy waste we had in various piles around the plot - not terribly green, but we are in a serious mess here. I tried to appease my conscience with the tiny amount of potash from the ashes, and the fact that we are not tripping over piles of stuff all the time and can get on with clearing more - er - stuff.
We also cleared up what we refer to as our "patio" - a sort of dead space at the back of the house. This will become an outdoor play area for James, so John has now set about constructing gates and fencing off bits and pieces.
I uncovered a couple of small polytunnels which had been abandoned in the border - no doubt due to some interruption - a bit tangled and mucky, but I will sort them out ready for use this season. So - as they say - onwards and upwards... ;)


  1. looking fantastic after all your hard work xx

  2. Thanks AK - can now begin to picture the beds :)


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