Sunday, April 26, 2009

So that's where it went!

So - another week of not getting out there due to interruptions, but we managed out today for a wee while. More compost spread from the two year old heap - and see what turned up in a barrowful of the stuff! It's my favourite potato peeler which I lost - erm - 2 years ago. It was perfect for the job - especially for this left-hander living in a right-handed world. I was never able to get another one like it - things had moved on in the potato peeling design world and despite the wonders of soft grip - wide Y shaped blades etc, nothing felt as easy and comfortable to use as this simple - minimalist even - kitchen utensil. It must have hidden among the veg peelings one dinner time - and it still looks very useable.

Another raised bed completed today, though. This one (my best yet I think) is planted up with broad beans and will also contain the peas and other beans - dwarf, runner and climbing. The bean and pea bed is always one of my favourites and usually my most productive, so looking forward to broad bean hummus, minted peas and other leguminous delights in a couple of months.


  1. it's looking fab , had to rescue my broad beans in my Pj's on Saturday morning !high winds were threatening their existence, they have been through a dreadful winter,and are looking very fed up xx

  2. Another leftie! I love my left-handed utensils and would be lost without them, so glad you found your peeler.
    Seeds parcel on it's way (sorry for lateness, been a bit busy).


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