Monday, April 20, 2009

A day of constant gardening

On such a glorious Sunday morning, my husband sent me out into the garden at 9 am, for a whole day of uninterrupted gardening bliss. It was wonderful - I worked away constantly until tea time, fortified by several stops for cool drinks and lunch in the garden. I am now, of course, paying the price for my day of unaccustomed hard graft with aches and stiffness in places I didn't even know I had - and a little bit of sunburn on the tops of the arms! This will be a lazy post then - mostly photographs

Garlic - looking very healthy, shallots and lettuce. The onion bed just visible to the right is all mulched and covered with thorns to deter the cats.

A newly created bed with carrots (under the mesh) and parsnip - some catch cropping too with more lettuce and salad leaves.

Another new bed half planted up with Swift early potatoes, and the other half will take the sweetcorn plants at the end of next month. I have some green clover seeds which I think I will put in until then.

Another view of the beds - obviously more will follow very soon - beans and peas are crying out to go in and before I know it, the greenhouse will be full of trays of burgeoning plants waiting for a new home. With that in mind, we have decided to dig out these ancient brick built cold frames and bring them back into proper use, rather than the dumping ground for old pots and seed trays that it had become. The soil was infested with all sorts of weeds too, so one has been emptied, and the other one is next. So many great resources in this garden and it is good to make use of them again.

It was so worth the effort - much has been achieved and the garden seems to have responded beautifully.


  1. you lucky thing you xx having all that time in the garden, it looks smashing , no wonder your aching !!

  2. Fantastic, looks like you have done some great work there. Seed parcel on it's way to you soon although looking at our list of seeds sown you've been very busy already.


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