Monday, April 13, 2009


I am so pleased with my sweetcorn germination - 26/28 success! I followed the Sure Guide to Great Sweetcorn article in this months Kitchen Garden magazine, and it seems pretty good so far. Basically it said to start them off in a heated propagator and when they germinate take them out and grow them on under cover until the frost risk has past - so far so good. Apart from getting the seeds to sprout in the first place, my main problem seems to be the pollination bit later on - so hopefully this year with all these plants, I am bound to get some cobs which actually have kernels..
I have been trying to grow sweetcorn for years, ever since I saw a TV programme in the early 1990s called Grow Your Greens with a very punk rock looking Sophie Grigson. There were two programmes each week - one called Grow Your Greens and another called Eat Your Greens. Anyway, for the sweetcorn programme, Sophie visited a young Bob Flowerdew in his garden. Bob was filmed (in shorts and sandals) picking the corn and rushing back to his kitchen, stripping off the husks, where a huge pot of salted water was already boiling ready to receive the golden cobs. Once the corn was cooked, Sophie and Bob sat down to devour a huge mound of corn on the cob, dripping with melted butter. It was the sexiest thing I have ever seen, and I have tried to recreate the scene ever since. (obviously with my husband rather than Bob - although.....)
To make amends to my dear husband (sorry) I must show off a picture of a fabulous gate that he built today. It has a kind of Japanesey zen quality about it, which even the council bins do not detract from - it also keeps the hens from leaving messages all over the doorstep:)


  1. Well done on your sweetcorn. I've never managed to get good cobs yet - pollination problem too. The key is to have a lot in a block so you could get some success with that amount. I remember that programme too! look forward to seeing your crop later in the season.

  2. And then when you get your good crop, harvest them before the squirrels get to them!

  3. wow, you are one heck of a busy lady.
    Love, love the photos.
    Yes, definately buy the Annie Bell book ... cakes are wonderful.
    Big love xx


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