Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tomato Fever

The tomatoes are out of the propagator and sitting nicely in 3 inch pots on the greenhouse staging. Getting to that point is always the trickiest part as far as my gardening skills are concerned, so now I feel fairly confident - well - lets just say a bit less nervous, that we will have tomatoes this year. I read an interesting thing about transplanting seedlings at the weekend - after moving them - spray them with Rescue Remedy! So, I did. There are loads of seedlings - 9 Black from Tula, 9 Sioux, 8 White Tomasol and 8 Roma. I only really planned to bring on 3 of each, but I can never make myself do the 'use the strongest seedling and discard the other' maxim - feels like I am needlessly destroying a potential life. I regret this later on, of course,when I need a machete to cut my way in to the greenhouse, but the wonderful smell of tomato leaves and the thought of those multi-coloured salads will be worth it. Also, my Dad is going to take some off my hands, and I thought about putting some on Freecycle, so really that means I have more space than I thought - back to the catalogues :)

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  1. good luck with those tomatoes, never seem to have much luck with them myself wasn't going to bother this year but curiousity took over and i have done a few xx


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