Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A sunny harvest

A beautiful day to pick the coltsfoot flowers that have sprung up like tiny suns around the plot. We will dry them - although they do go quite fuzzy - and mix them with the leaves when they appear. Coltsfoot is also known as "Son afore the Faither", as the flowers appear before the leaves. The Latin name is Tussilago which means to take away the cough, and the lightness and brightness of the flowers apparently clears out black residues from the lungs. A good respiratory spring tonic then.
James and I spent the day in the garden, just mucking around. As he is not walking yet, he used his push-along car to get around. Later I planted more seeds in the greenhouse, while he did some gravel and water mixing - mostly on his trousers :)
The staging in the greenhouse is starting to look a bit more business like now, with new trays of sown seed creeping in all the time. Today we planted sowed climbing beans into root-trainers and also refilled the propagator with peppers, courgettes and herbs. We are getting there and it feels good!


  1. I just love the title of your blog. I have spent my life being an interrupted gardener. Now I really want to know your thoughts on the moving of tomatoes from the propagator. Last year I invested in two heated propagators for the first time and instead of improving my seed sowing it was a bit of a disaster! Better luck this year perhaps.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Elizabethm. I suspect there's quite a few of us interrupted gardeners out there. I was very nervous about moving the toms, as that is when I usually lose them all, but I started by leaving the top of, but the heater on, putting the top back on at night, then after a few days, switching the heat off, but still covering at night and then off altogether. They were a bit leggy when i transplanted them, but i just made sure I planted them up to their necks(if you know what I mean :)) Good luck with all your changes xxx


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