Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring Snow and Summery Dreams

It has snowed here the last two nights and mornings. A typical spring snow which fell heavily with large sticky flakes - hard and slushy, and completely gone by the afternoon. Winter just wants us not to get too excited yet. I am a bit excited though, because my tomato seeds are up and looking quite strong. Everything has germinated except the Ailsa Craig seeds, which is no real surprise about as I found the packet at the back of the garage where it had been for over a year. The Seeds of Distinction Catalogue came in yesterday and I want to grow everything. My annual seed order is largely dictated by dishes I have imagined, or recipes I want to try out. Sometimes even by the serving plates I have - the heirloom tomatoes are being grown just so I can serve a multi-coloured tomato salad in my new white square shaped shallow bowl. So with that in mind I simply must have a green tomato, oh - and I see a purple one too, and I absolutely must add the chocolate coloured pepper to the order. Hmm - that's going to be one big salad!

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  1. i know what you mean, i was very excited at the prospect of spring coming, then just a little sprinkle of winter to calm me down a bit and not be too hasty x


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