Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nurturing new growth

Well not quite the new growth I had intended- after all that handwringing a few weeks ago about when to sow the tomatoes, nature sent me an answer. For the last two and a half weeks I have been living at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh with Baby James. My poor wee lamb slipped awkwardly on some water, and fractured his left femur. He had to lie with his leg in traction for 15 days whilst the new bone grew and then had a few days physiotherapy. He was so good and patient during this interruption to our lives and hopefully will be back to normal in a few weeks. I will probably say more about this in the Corridor Living blog once I have gathered my thoughts - it was quite an experience.
We just got home at lunchtime today and I nipped out to take a look at the garden. It is looking very bedraggled. The chard has died back, although it should come back again soon for a spring flourish. The perpetual spinach looks okay, but that it is about it - no sign of garlic shoots yet. Head Gardener has taken this coming week off work, so I may get a chance to pop out now and again to see what I can do. February has almost gone and I haven't even finished January's tasks yet! HG is looking forward to spending his time catching up with BJ after our unexpected 'break', but he'll have a lot of cotton wool to unwrap first.


  1. I do so hope your little one will be fully recovered soon. A similar accident happened to our youngest grandson a couple of years back, and he is now right as rain and you would never know he had broken his leg. Gardens will recover and it's early days on the springing of the year, so take heart. Isn't that why we love gardening? It's always a challenge.

  2. best wishes and lots of love to your litle chap hope he gets better soon, the garden will wait for you im sure xx


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