Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's going to be fine in 2009!

Well - hopefully at least the weather will be, because I have an awful lot of work to do here. Never mind, Santa left me a wonderful present in my stocking which will solve all my problems. Charles Dowding's Organic Gardening - the Natural No Dig Way. Sadly though, I will still have to dig quite a lot before I can stop digging for ever, as clearing out the perennial weeds is an essential part of the process - ho hum.
I have not yet worked out my main seed order yet, but I have selected my shallots, which will be 2 packs of Longor from the Organic Gardening Catalogue. I decided against the Eschalote Grise - mainly because if I order something from T&M, I seem to get full catalogues from them every 2 days in the mail and also because CD (my new hero - above) says they should be planted in the autumn. The new Sarah Raven seed catalogue arrived today though so I can drool over the fabulous photos there, look up the OG and Suffolk Seeds catalogues do a some complicated cross referencing and then order online from Alan Romans.
The greenhouse clearout is going really well, thanks to HG. We have a freed up inner section for the plants when they are sown, and quite a bit of bare staging in the outer section for potting and sowing.
Anyway, to fool myself into thinking I can really grow things, here is some chard still looking quite good, despite the permafrost.

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