Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pruning interrupted

Well, the next day, the other blackcurrant did not get it, and can still be seen in it's unshorn state as I type this. The gooseberries got a real going over - vindictive little minxes that they are - one managed to pierce my heavy duty gauntlet - quite sore actually. The flowering cherry was given a blast - really because it was so overgrown that we couldn't use what we term the 'back door' (it's the furthest away conservatory door, which leads out to an area of mossy tarmac that I fondly hoped would be an outdoor eating area - you know, me in a floral print tea dress serving Provencal type lunches to my sparkling happy family, drinking rose wine and admiring my wonderful dahlia displays, but it doesn't get any sun, is surrounded by buildings, and it's in a former mining village in the Scottish Central Belt). Then two of the fruit trees, 1 plum and 1 apple got a half hearted swipe, as it was freezing cold and beginning to rain. Retreat to the fire and later on pulled out the seed catalogues, but BJ decided I had had enough 'me time' and didn't go to bed until 11 o'clock.
So - still on the pruning list - blackcurrants still to finish, plums and apples need a hard prune, but may need a pair of loppers, roses to be cut back and moved to front of house. Maybe a job for January now.

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