Monday, December 1, 2008


First day of Advent ( although, ecclesiastically, I suppose, it would have been yesterday) and we get to open the first door on the advent calendar. This year, ours is a scene from T'was the night before Christmas, with jolly old St. Nicholas dressed up in his best Coca Cola red. Oh well - more seasonal than a Bratz chocolate one (do they eat chocolate? And what have they got to do with Christmas?). Anyway - gardening is the point of this blog, so lets keep the focus -even if it is fairly loose. A picture of our winter display - yes can't deny it any longer - it's December- last night I had to have three blankets and the downie, plus socks, leggings, cardigan, baby and husband to keep me warm. It did work, but it was not a pretty sight.
We have on our table a pot of narcissi bought from Snapdragon at the Country Living magazine fair in Glasgow. It was the wonderful Jane herself who served me. She was so nice, and I am afraid I became very gushy - 'I just love your blog!' I splutterred. like some star struck teenager. But really, I couldn't have been more pleased if it had been Donny Osmond himself LOL. Check out her blog -see links. She also has great links to other blogs, if you want to lose half a day in blogland.

The other plant on the table is a lovely hen shaped basket of cheery faced winter pansies, a present from the lovely Vanessa and her family, who came for lunch yesterday. They wanted to see our hens, with a view to getting their own and we had a very pleasant afternoon. What a great wee team they were too.

Photos are pretty rubbish - I am not a good photographer are the best of times, but worse when I am trying to avoid showing the untidyness of the rest of the house, while taking an artful composition. But you get the idea.

Christmassy/Yule things will no doubt creep onto the table and into the house and blog over the next week or so, and then it will be full blown deck the halls etc. I like that.

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